2 thoughts on “Post-death Money Trail: Creating the ‘If-I-Die-Before-You’ File

  1. I would recommend using a reputed password manager like LastPass, 1Password or Bitwarden to save all of our passwords, codes, credit and debit card details and all the other information that you mentioned. Scanned images or PDFs of important documents can also be stored there. These are very secure services and can serve as a single location where all of this data can be saved, not just for the benefit of our family after our death but also for our own benefit while we are alive.

    The information needed to access the password manager (as well as the mobile phone screen lock code) should be written on a sheet of paper and saved in a safe place that trusted family members are told about.

  2. That’s quite a comprehensive list! Few links in the article are broken. Might want to fix those!

    I built a template of what I call a ‘Life closeout plan’ several months ago and it’s been a super helpful in keeping track of the various moving parts!

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