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Monika Halan is consulting editor and part of the leadership team at Mint. A certified financial planner, she has served as editor of Outlook Money and worked in some of India's top media organizations, including the Indian Express, the Economic Times and Business Today. She has run four successful TV series around personal finance advice, on NDTV, Zee and Bloomberg India, and is a regular speaker on financial literacy, regulation and consumer issues in retail finance. As part of her public policy service, she is a member of SEBI's Mutual Fund Advisory Committee. She lives in New Delhi and tweets at @monikahalan.

Money With Monika|Episode 3

A short video series aimed at a better informed investor

Episode 3: We swear by real estate. But did you know that real estate has costs that we don’t count. And did you know there is a way to find out when to buy and when to sell?

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Let Deepavali be the hard deadline for your money box reset

Notice that when there is an external date marker, we end up doing things to service that date. Take birthdays, anniversaries, exams and deadlines around work. Exam and work related deadlines specially see us working at all hours with a single focus—of cracking that exam or shipping that order. We do the same when there is a deadline around filing taxes or making tax-saving investments. But most other items on our must-do list, like a health check-up, regular work out and money management, keep getting bumped to the next week, month or year. I’ll do it when I have, fill in the words ‘time’, ‘mindspace’, ‘money’ in the space, and we have our reasons in place for postponing one more time things we know we need to do but don’t since there is no hard deadline.

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Money with Monika|Episode 2

A short video series aimed at a better informed investor

Episode 2: Indians love gold. But did you know that equity gives you a better return. Gold is good for diversification but the real lift to the portfolio comes from equity.

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