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Monika Halan is consulting editor and part of the leadership team at Mint. A certified financial planner, she has served as editor of Outlook Money and worked in some of India's top media organizations, including the Indian Express, the Economic Times and Business Today. She has run four successful TV series around personal finance advice, on NDTV, Zee and Bloomberg India, and is a regular speaker on financial literacy, regulation and consumer issues in retail finance. As part of her public policy service, she is a member of SEBI's Mutual Fund Advisory Committee. She lives in New Delhi and tweets at @monikahalan.

Money With Monika Season 2, Episode 5: A guide to mutual fund SIPs

“A systematic investment plan, or SIP, is a route to a mutual fund and not the mutual fund itself,” explains personal finance expert Monika Halan in this episode of Money With Monika.“An SIP is similar to a recurring deposit (RD) in a way that it cultivates a savings habit, but they differ in returns. RDs result in fixed returns but SIPs are market-linked. Choose an SIP over lump sum investment to reduce market risks as it gives you the benefit of rupee-cost averaging,” she says. Monika Halan is consulting editor, Mint, and author of ‘Let’s Talk Money’. Watch the full video for more.

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Money with Monika Season 2, Episode 4: When’s the right time to invest in MFs

“There is no perfect moment to start investing. Just start,” says personal finance expert Monika Halan in this episode of Money With Monika. “It takes very little to start investing as much as just ₹500/month in a mutual fund SIP,” adds Monika. She explains to viewers why investing early will allow them to reap the benefits of compounding over the long term. Monika Halan is consulting editor with Mint and author of ‘Let’s Talk Money’. Money With Monika is a weekly personal finance show published on livemint.com

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