Money with Monika: Risks vs. returns in mutual funds (S2, Ep#7)



We’re at the mid-point of this series already! I’m talking about risk in mutual funds in this episode. Don’t miss! and we are introducing a new co-anchor Disha Sanghvi

“Don’t invest in mutual funds if you are nervous about your short-term emergency needs,” she advises. Watch the full video for more.

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Money With Monika: How to choose the right mutual fund (Season 2, Episode 6)

“The longer your time horizon, the more equity you can put in your mutual fund portfolio and the shorter your time horizon, the more debt funds you should have,” says personal finance expert Monika Halan in this episode of Money With Monika. “You need to break up your needs according to the distance of your goal,” she explains. Monika Halan is consulting editor, Mint, and author of ‘Let’s Talk Money’. Watch the full video for more.

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