Money With Monika Season 2, Episode 1: Mutual funds guide for beginners


Why mutual funds? That’s the question personal finance expert Monika Halan, consulting editor of Mint and author of ‘Let’s Talk Money’, answers in this episode of ‘Money with Monika’.Mutual fund investments do come with risks, she says, but it’s a gamble worth making for a diverse, and more lucrative, investment portfolio—be it for a seasoned investor or a beginner taking her first steps in financial planning. See mutual funds as a buffet, Monika Halan says, and invest as per your taste.For more videos from Money With Monika series, click here >>

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Mutual Funds with Monika on Livemint

Episode One: What is a SIP?

Episode Two: What is a mutual fund?

Episode Three: Are mutual funds safe?





Buying mediclaim is hard but harder is to know if it is any good

Quick, do the math. If it takes you two hours to read one policy brochure and there are 65 brochures, how much time will you spend reading? 130 hours, or a 16 eight-hour days. What, you have a day job and need to work? Skip your TV and workout and spend two hours a day reading them and you need 65 days. By which time there will be another few products in the market and your attempt to be a literate consumer who looks at disclosure statements and reads the policy documents before buying a medical insurance plan will remain undone. If you had other products to buy, such as life insurance, investment plans, home loans, you should pretty much leave everything else and just reach for the brochures.

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