India Development Debate: Covid and Health Insurance. ET Now

With health insurance becoming more important than ever amidst the harsh second wave of covid-19, data from states across the country suggests that only 51% of the covid-19 claims received from the beginning of the pandemic have been settled. Tamanna Inamdar breaks down how to make your health insurance policy work for you on the India Development Debate tonight with Monika Halan, Author, Let’s Talk Money, Tarun Mathur, Co-Founder, and Naval Goel, CEO & Founder,

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On the India Development Debate, I spoke about the fact that insurance firms are not paying covid claims in full. The problem is only half with insurance contracts and firms. The other half has to do with hospitals padding costs. @TamannaInamdar@ETNOWlive

The problem with the insurance contracts are that they are mostly one-sided with the individual having very little bargaining power. Companies can refuse to pay or deduct the payout by interpreting the policy provisions in their own way. This is market failure. When there is market failure government needs to intervene to put down road rules. Insurance regulator needs an upgrade – that’s an easier part. India needs a regulator for hospitals urgently.

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Mediclaim malfunction maladies

Did you know that you get different rates for the same surgery if you go as an uninsured person, or if you go with your own cover or if you go with a group cover? Rates vary across insurance firms as well. I had heard of it, but had not got proof in my hand. Last week, I bumped into a neighbour who is scheduled for a minor surgery. He went to a big south Delhi corporate hospital chain and asked for an estimate. He presented his individual policy since he was not sure his group policy was valid as he was between jobs. He got an estimate of Rs1.16 lakh. Then he found out that his office policy was valid after all. Returned a day later to ask the same question on estimate, but this time presented his group policy. The estimate was Rs 69,300. I have both the documents with me. The individual policy was from a private stand-alone health insurance company and the group policy from a public sector insurance firm.

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