The time has come to change the poverty narrative in India

A change in the narrative to an I-want-to-be-rich one has the potential to drive the next few decades of economic growth

If you have ever found yourself wondering why the accelerator pedal is not doing its thing, and then looked down to see that if handbrake was on, you know exactly what India’s young are going through – a desperate urge to be rich, but being held back by an old poverty narrative that paints the rich as morally corrupt and evil.

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Riding Out the Economic Downturn with Mutual Funds | Episode 1

In which I discuss why investors behaved the way they did in equity and debt as the pandemic induced lock down began.

What needs to change to build confidence in the debt market?

Why does India not have a good corporate bond market?

And what are the prospects for the Indian economy ahead – recession or swing back?


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