Money with Monika. 6 Rules of Money Covid-19 Taught me. S4E13

Money with Monika, The Corona Conversations

S4 E 13

6 lessons I learnt from the pandemic about my health and money.

1. The month need not cost so much. Everybody can save if in Covid-19 mode.

2. Emergency fund is a lifeline, build it according to age and stage.

3. Markets go up and down, not you.

4. Implement your age and stage asset allocation, don’t just understand it.

5. Write a Will – your net worth is not protection against falling ill.

6. Do an SIP in your health. Workplace will chew you up and spit you out.




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Money with Monika. The 20 trillion question

Money with Monika

The Corona Conversations

Decoding the Rs 20 trillion package




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Money with Monika Season 4!

A special series to decode policy and events around money as we move through this pandemic.

The Covid Conversations.

I also answer your questions.