Book Review

  1. Fraud, Manipulation and Insider Trading in the Indian Securities MarketSandeep Parekh, Publisher: CCH, a Wolters Kluwer business, Price: 795. 2014.
  2. Book Review | The Undercover Economist Strikes BackTitle: The Undercover Economist Strikes Back. How to run – or ruin – an economy. Tim Harford. Little Brown. 307 pages. 16 November, 2013
  3. Gods and the GDP.

    Book Title: An Economist’s Miscellany, Author: Kaushik Basu, Publisher: OUP, Price: Rs395, Pages: 200. 29 April, 2011.

  4. The beauty of selfishness

    Book Title: Goddess of the Market. Ayn Rand and the American Right, Author: Jennifer Burns, USD27.95, 369 pages, Oxford University Press. 9 April, 2010.