4 thoughts on “Bringing up rich baby – some parenting possibilities

  1. While there are many good points and I commend you for pin pointing it, you have also mixed it with your judgement. When you judge, rather than be objective, you assume rather than correctly diagnose all points to it precise accuracy. On the whole there is lots of room for a better analysis.

  2. Monika, we have a blog on Natural parenting on our website earthBaby.in.
    earthBaby is a certified natural hair & skincare brand for babies & new Mom’s.
    We believe that both your articles Raja beta as well as raising rich kids will fit very well to the Upbringing chapter of our blog.
    It will be a pleasure if you wish to contribute 🙏🏻

  3. Good insights Monika Mam. While I am not sure if i even qualify for an upper middle class band in today’s world there are still useful nuggets on educating kids on financial matters early

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