30 thoughts on “Some of the adult raja betas and rani bitiyas of the newly rich Indian are bored, woke and high maintenance. But papa and mama still pay the bills

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  3. यह सारे “राजा बेटा और रानी बिटिया” को घी में पाला गया है, मिट्टी में नहीं, उसी सब का परिणाम है

  4. I am glad I was able to win scholarships that paid for two Master’s degrees in the US, The second Master’s degree led to a 1-year teaching stint in France, which has given me a 36-year old career in teaching languages! I never had the problems your “woke” youngsters deal with!

  5. Isnt this how generally Indian scenario works. If one generation has earned enough to sustain a few generations (under assumption that future generations will contribute if not erode entire wealth created) the next generation doesn’t really contribute (unless pushed by their parents – earlier generation). Thereafter, the third generation will again work or may have to work coz the 2nd generation spent most of the fortune and did not contribute anything at all.

  6. That’s exactly and of course the problem with uber rich – who cares – Generation Z kids of very wealthy and affluent parents with serious cultural and societal value deficit family settings. Yelling at domestic help to draw the curtain which is less than 1 foot away is a new culture. But who cares as long as Papa and Mama pay the bills.

  7. Race to send children abroad for a namesake degree, spending millions of your hard earned money on such degrees is bad parenting actually. Few days back my son wondered why many of his classmates are leaving for New York and he is struggling to clear competitive exams of India. Self esteem and confidence after you achieve something will be worth all this effort in teenage was my reply.

  8. Amazing! Helps reflect on the parenting I went through where every rupee earned was valued and only mindful spending was encouraged, along with a habit of savings!

    A huge advantage I had over so many other First Generation Immigrants who come to Canada, to have the fire in my belly to start from scratch and make a life of it! 🙏🏻

    Awesome article Monika!

    Cheers, Sid.

  9. It’s a reality check for to be parents of such genre.
    It’s not only for the affluent class but also for the not so affluent middle class children who have had their childhood fed by ever serving parents. Not allowing them to earn their privileges and money and gifts. Gifts have become a mandatory duty of parents, in this pseudo social standing.
    In all the children get things on platter without knowing or working to know their items with.
    A future bleak fir the very same generation.

  10. Very Good article but you have not mentioned that when this Raja Betas and Rani Bityas enter corporate word with there sense of entitlement how they ruin careers of others and make big elephants fall

  11. These raja Betas and Rani Bitiyas definitely ruin the overall environment of working in a corporate world unless that corporate belongs to them/their parents (is that not the principal reason of failure of many businesses in the second/third generation because of this arrogance and entitlement syndrome) and their career also.

  12. The first thing Indian parents need to stop is making their kids woke. Who are these “feminists”, “LGBTQ activists”, “Climate Activists” etc and going and protesting everywhere, giving TED talks. Who pays them?

  13. There will always be a natural evolution of priorities alongwith more material comfort – part chaotic, part hypocritical, part organic – until each person finds their own sustainable equilibrium with their lives and the world around them
    When the ‘work hard to do well’ in life is taken to its extreme – it also needs to extreme competition, high stress, widespread unhappiness and a distancing from and destruction of nature

  14. For a start, less than 1% of Indians would be considered anywhere near affluent, considering that a net worth of £60k places an Indian in the top 1%. Secondly, it does not cost millions to send a student abroad. I’m sure there are more errors, but why bother finding them. This isn’t news or cultural commentary of any substance. It’s baseless political opining.

  15. Yes, in a democracy there will always be a slow poison being injected in the society by either some gullible social activists or a mala fide intentioned social campaign to malign Indian culture, democracy and value systems and also to weaken the national fabric.

  16. Children soak values early in life and the behaviors of the parents specially with to material things leaves a lasting impression. How to deal with tempting offers, peer pressure can be only taught at home with appropriate responses from parents to their ability to cope with pressures and challenges. If the father believes in buying the most expensive watch or pen or clothes how can the children not take that as a norm? These rich kids that blow their parents money are Frankenstein created by the parents. Inculcating a spiritual orientation will help as a shield to protect them.

  17. Yes and No. I have examples (of rich doctors and their kids) from both the sides!
    Some are spoilt & woke. And some others are as enterprising as their parents. All depends on their bringup…

  18. There’s another side to this story. The parents are also too scared to let their children venture out and make choices without at first having the experience. This is something like; don’t get into the pool unless you know swimming.

  19. Monika. Excellent, almost all of it is true. Thanks, Anamitra Chatterjee

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  21. Honestly, this is more a reflection on the parents than the children. Without looking at how the parents themselves role model what they do with the wealth, it’s not really fair to just dump this on the kids.

    Do parents only accumulate more and more status markers, act entitled with those that are less privileged, and obsess about displaying their wealth to neighbours and family? What are the human values that are important to the parents and how are they communicating it to their children? Preaching does not help. No amount of “when I was young I had fire my belly” stories will not help.

    There is absolutely no problem with having money. But what is that money going to be used for? That matters a lot. Children see parents using their wealth and affluence a certain way, and model exactly that in other contexts. To understand what a child does what he/she does, look at the parent, not the child.

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