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SPJIMR’s Centre of Financial Studies (CFS) is back with another webinar. SPJIMR Prof. Ananth Narayan will be in conversation with India’s renowned media editors Monika Halan, Latha Venkatesh, Tamal Bandyopadhyay and Menaka Doshi on 26th June, Friday, 5.30 – 7 pm IST.



My interview on WomentoWatch

Super talk with Manvi Tiwari ( on women, money and how to handle stress!
Here is a short intro:
And here is the interview:

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Monika Halan, Media Personality







Riding Out the Economic Downturn with Mutual Funds | Episode 1

In which I discuss why investors behaved the way they did in equity and debt as the pandemic induced lock down began.

What needs to change to build confidence in the debt market?

Why does India not have a good corporate bond market?

And what are the prospects for the Indian economy ahead – recession or swing back?


Catch the video here:

Money with Monika. 6 Rules of Money Covid-19 Taught me. S4E13

Money with Monika, The Corona Conversations

S4 E 13

6 lessons I learnt from the pandemic about my health and money.

1. The month need not cost so much. Everybody can save if in Covid-19 mode.

2. Emergency fund is a lifeline, build it according to age and stage.

3. Markets go up and down, not you.

4. Implement your age and stage asset allocation, don’t just understand it.

5. Write a Will – your net worth is not protection against falling ill.

6. Do an SIP in your health. Workplace will chew you up and spit you out.




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Money with Monika. Why retail investors have no maibbaap in India. S4 E12

The retail investors in India lurch from crisis to crisis, made worse by the pandemic. The reason that the same problem recurs has to do with broken market places and redress system than anything to do with investors behaving ‘wrongly’.


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